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Create your show schedule of events using the ring scheduler screen.  Using the HSS scheduler you can create your entire show schedule in minutes.


bulletCreate the schedule by simply dragging and dropping classes from the unscheduled list into the list on the day and ring you want.  Drag classes from list to list as required if you want to reschedule one or more classes.
bulletCreate as many rings as you need
bulletCreate your own name for each ring
bulletCreate and edit the dates for each day in the show
bulletEach list has a summary listing the number of classes and total time for the classes in the list
bulletPrint a compact report that lists the entire schedule of events for your show.  Optionally include the time of each event as well.
bulletPrint the announcer class sheets for the entire day you select.  Class sheets will be printed and collated in the order of events that you have scheduled
bulletEasily create break periods and set the starting time of the next events in a ring.
bulletHSS calculates class starting times based on the settings you specify.  No need to manually calculate anything!


The ring scheduler screen


Ring schedule report


Class sheets report


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