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HSS can be licensed two different ways: 
bulletUnlimited number of shows per year.
This is the best option for managers that run multiple shows. 
Use HSS to run all your shows for the year, no matter how many shows you manage.
bulletPer-show licence. 
This is an appropriate choice if you only run one or two shows per year. 


The cost of your HSS licence is based on the licence type (unlimited per year or per-show) and the maximum number of entries you require for your shows.


Purchasing an HSS licence:

Online purchases and renewals :

You can purchase an HSS licence online at
Purchase HSS online at

Purchasing an HSS licences online is simple and secure using your HorseShowsOnline account.  A HorseShowsOnline account is absolutely free.

Offline - Discuss your needs with us via email or telephone:

If you prefer to discuss your purchase with our sales team or have special requirements you can contact us at:
bulletTelephone: 905-760-9997

What is Included with my licence?


bulletFree software updates. 
HSS releases frequent updates to add new features and to update HSS to meet USEF, Equine Canada, and FEI requirements.
bulletFree Technical support.
We are here and ready to help if you have questions or need help getting your system up and running.  Need help? Contact our team via email or telephone.
bulletFree show publishing to the web at HorseShowsOnline
Publishing your show makes your show results, ring schedule and other show information available to exhibitors on the web.
HorseShowsOnline is extremely popular amongst exhibitors and people interested in following your show.
Publishing your show to HSO promotes your show to thousands of web visitors every day.
You can publish as frequently as needed. 
bulletFree USEF and Equine Canada results publishing and verification features.
bulletFree - Online Add / Scratch - Accept class change requests online.
Allow exhibitors to submit add / scratch class changes  on the web.
With this feature exhibitors (owners, trainers, riders) can submit their class changes at  The class change requests are received in your HSS database for you to review and process.  A great feature for exhibitors and a real time-saver for the show secretary.
bulletFree - Multi-user and networking.
Connect as many computers as needed at your show.  There is no additional cost for using multiple workstations at the show.
bulletOnline Entry - Accept entries to your show on the web.
Let exhibitors enter your show online
Collect stall and other entry fees immediately with online credit card processing.
Online entries are easily imported into your show saving you an enormous amount of data entry time.
bulletProcess credit card payments - On the web and at the show.
HSS provides integrated point of sale credit card payments at the show.
Credit card payment can be accepted online when the user enters the show. 

Use the same credit card when the user checks out of the show, with just a single click.
HSS supports over 50 payment gateways ensuring you can receive credit card payments directly  to your bank, paypal or other payment processor.

Q & A:


What is an "entry"?

When you enter a horse into the show and give the horse an entry number that is considered ONE entry.  The horse may be entered into as many classes as you want - it still counts as ONLY ONE entry. 

Only entries that are entered into one or more classes will count. 
You CAN have billing only entries at no cost (Barn accounts).  IE:  Entries that do not compete in any classes do not use up your entry count.

What if I have one big show that exceeds my entry count?

If you have an annual "Unlimited shows per year" and have one large show you can purchase a single show upgrade to cover that show.  For example if you have a 400 maximum entries per show annual licence but have one big show with 900 entries a single show upgrade is available to extend your licence for the show.

Contact our sales and registrations team if you need a single show upgrade.


What are the costs?


HSS Show Software Pricing

Unlimited shows per year

Single Show

Maximum entries per show


More than 1500 entriesCall for quote
Entries in Show


More than 1500 entriesCall for quote

Optional Features

E-commerce and credit card processing (optional).

This feature is entirely optional. You can of course continue to manually process credit cards externally to HSS and HorseShowsOnline at no cost. 

However, the small cost of using integrated credit card processing and collecting credit card payments along with your online entries is much more efficient and will save you time. 


Consider the benefit of collecting stall and other entries fees well in advance of your show. Improve your cash flow and ensure you have received payment prior to the show.


Credit card security.

HSS and HorseShowsOnline do NOT store protected credit card information. 

Credit card transactions are processed through a secure SSL connection to a PCI Level 1 facility that communicates directly with your payment processor (ie: bank, paypal, etc) gateway.


Annual E-commerce gateway fee. 
An E-commerce gateway is the secure connection configured for your account to directly deposit credit card payments into your bank account.  Most users only need a single E-commerce gateway.
$75 one time annual payment.


Per transaction fee (E-commerce or point of sale). 
This fee is charged when you process a payment using HSS's built in credit card processing feature or accept a credit card payment for an online entry:

$0.20 (20 cents) per transaction


Note that the usual fees charged by your bank / merchant account still apply - we have no control over what your bank / merchant account charges for credit card processing.

Online Entry (optional)


Online entry lets you easily and seamlessly accept online entries to your show.  Eliminate the time consuming drudgery of manually entering user names, addresses, class selections etc.  Automate the process with HSS's Online Entry system.


Simply publish your show to with the online entry feature enabled and your show is ready to receive online entries and optionally collect credit card payments for stall and other fees. 


Exhibitors use a simple and efficient online entry wizard that collects information for each person, horse, classes entered, and fee quantities.


The entry form is automatically generated by HSS.  No need to waste time and money typesetting, printing or handling your entry forms. Settings are provided so that you can customize the online entry form's content to include the standard USEF agreement text or use your own.  Optionally include your company or show logo on the entry form if desired.  Other options are available to tailor the online entry experience to match your requirements.


Fees shown during online entry are configurable. 

Optionally allow users to select fee quantities during online entry. 

Examples: Allow editing of stall fees so the exhibitor can specify the number of extra stalls required,  Allow selection of camper site quantities,  Allow selection of dinner tickets etc.


Once an exhibitor completes an online entry, the entry form is automatically generated, filled,  and sent to your HSS database for processing. 


The people, horse, class selections, payments received and other necessary information is automatically entered into your show database - NO data entry required!  Just a few button clicks to review and accept the entry.


Per online entry fee: 

$1.25 per online entry you receive.

You only pay for online entries you receive.

Example: You have 230 entries in your show.  Of the 230 entries, you receive 10 online entries.  Total cost would be $12.50.

Copy Entries (optional)


HSS provides a built in feature to copy entries from a prior show into the current show.  This is useful in multi-week shows and shows where exhibitors enter multiple shows in a show series.  This reduces your data entry load as the information is automatically populated in the current show based on the entry you are copying from. 


The copy entries wizard lets you choose one or more entries from a prior show and copy their primary information (Owner, Rider, Horse, Trainer, Contact information) into the current show.  You can optionally transfer any outstanding invoice balance from the source show to the current show.  Class entry selections and fee selections are not copied because they are probably different from show to show.


When copying entries from a prior show to the current show, HSS will attempt to let you use the same entry number (back number) that was used in the prior show.  You will be warned if the entry number has already been assigned and have an opportunity to choose a different entry number.



Per copied entry fee: 

$0.75 per copied entry.

You are only charged for copied entries where the entry you copy is entered into one or more classes in the target show (the show you copied the entry into) .  You are NOT charged if the copied entry is not entered in any classes in the target show.  In the event you received an online entry AND you also copied the same entry from a prior show you will only be charged for the online entry fee.  You will not be charged for both the online entry and the copied entry.






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