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Network setup


Setting up HSS to work from multiple workstations is relatively easy.  The following document in PDF format provides step by step instructions. 

bulletHSS Networking guide (Revised Jan 2011)



The basic steps:

  1. Install HSS at each PC including the PC that will act as the HSS server.  Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are supported.
    The HSS Setup program will configure a network share and adjust the Windows firewall appropriately.
  2. Ensured the setup program created a share on the C:\HSSV3 folder on the server.
    Make sure the share permissions allow "Everyone" to have FULL rights to the share.
  3. Turn off password protected sharing setting in Vista and Windows 7 via the network sharing center / advanced settings.
  4. Ensure your network is configured as a HOME or WORK network.  Your network must NOT be configured as a PUBLIC network.


You can use any combination of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP computers on your network.



If you require further assistance or information please contact us.


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